Natural makeup KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by makeup by ferrarosa

Natural makeup in KL (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia by Ferrarosa



Fashion show
Thanks to Ferrarossa and her dream team! You guys were punctual, were so professional and so much fun to work with. The makeup look and hair look was perfect, sleek and just what I imagined it would be. Hope we will work together again soon! – Adila Long, Fashion Designer 
Ferra Rossa is a talented make-up artist that could bring magic to your wedding and even other occasions. Her determination and her skills will always fascinate and bring satisfaction to all of her clients.   –
Farah was my MUA for my solemnization. It was my first time being dolled by a professional MUA and I was quite nervous on the outcome. She was really responsive to my requests and I was thoroughly satisfied with her makeup that I recommended my friends too.- Nabyla
Soft hands! Sometimes MUAs can be a little rough, but all i can say about Farah’s hands is tht they are magic! Soft! And when Farah applies makeup to your face, you really feel like she cares. 🙂 – Aishah
I love her personality and the makeup that she did to my face. She’s punctual on the actual date, willingly to come very early in the morning to get her job done. What’s important in her service is that she made me very comfortable & let me decide what type of makeup & hairdo that I preferred. Her service is highly recommended because she does enhance her customer’s features and make us feel fabulous :)- Farah Esa
A great experience because she appreciates the art and appreciates the natural beauty of clients. With that said, the makeup she applies compliments faces instead of masking them. The bonus would be her personality being the sweet and easy going person she is makes one feel comfortable in their own skin. No doubt she’s become my favorite makeup artist and will most likely stay being the only one I’d trust my face with. – Tashhy Afzal
It was a lovely experience. However, because I did not indulge in a trial prior to that, I felt I should have started the session with a discussion on expectation, preferences & comparison/samples of preferred or dream looks/effects/finishing/colours, plus do’s and dont’s. Despite the rush time frame, Farah did an amazing job, not just concerning makeup but in keeping the bride calm & positive.- Shiela
Awesome! I can imagine my solemnization make up with farah will be very nice. I hope she can make really nice make up for my eyes as I have big eyelid that is hard to make up with. Hehe. Other than that, i believe 120% in her make up skills. Can’t wait!! 🙂 i hope we can be friend too hihi coz she so hilarious! – Hashimah
Good friendly personality
Satisfied result
Highly recommended
Excellent customer service   – Fiera
Farah was very friendly and talented make up artist. She’s able to fulfill my request – which is to have a natural make up and her touch was magical! Love it :)Nadiah Syamimi
She was very nice and very patient with me as i had a lot of questions and i didn’t like sitting in one place. My experience was fun and pleasant. 🙂 – Anna
It was awesome! Love her personality. She was very friendly and helpful to her clients. – Syahirah
Her service is superb..she listens to what customer wants and most important natural. – Fariza
I love it how she enhanced my looks, how particular and professional she is.Her pr is awesome and down to earth- Anonymous (feedback via survey)
She knows the right colors and techniques for my skin type and color.  She also has a wonderful personality and awesome customer service 🙂 – Anonymous (feedback via survey)
Photoshoot/ TV
The first time I work with Ferra Rossa was during Kree first Summer campaign named Ladylike. At the time, I can see Farah was a really good listener with her own artistic flair. She understands what people want and improvise it to create an outstanding look. Mak cinta! She is really good at making the eyes pop out and her skills in eye makeup is SUPERB. Farah is really strong in makeup (not tepung) and she can improve her hair style skills- Hisyam Umar, Designer from Kree
What i like the most about Farah is her way of connecting to her customer. She’s so friendly and its like we’ve known for years. That’s what make the whole entire makeup session with her is so much fun. And also fast response with reasonable price. And i like her natural makeup on me and she did as what I have requested. Thanks Farah 🙂 – Huda, owner of SummerDazzle
I had only one experience with Farah’s makeup which is for my brand’s photo shoot and it was an outdoor photo shoot that took all day out in the sun and amazingly my makeup stayed all day with minimal touch ups even though i have oily skin and sweating through out the day! Love the effect of the make up, it glowed and didn’t melt, camera ready, i felt so beautiful and most importantly confident! – Faatin, host of Hijabista and owner of Her Grace
I personally feel Farah is one of the best MUA for any natural make up look and I’m always satisfied with her work. She is able to make her clients/models look different yet natural and beautiful. Not only that, she is friendly, has good communication skills, dare to share tips and thoughts, reasonable charges – Nadzirah, model
I look really good in picture taken by the photographer. Her make up does not feel heavy on me and she’s really friendly and approachable and really helpful as well. – Soraya
Friendly, soft spoken, committed, punctual , love her natural touch of make up . 😉 – Maizura from TudungbyMaizura
Kakak farah makeup so natural, beautiful & gorgeous. Kakak farah sangat baik & friendly. I love ur natural touched! Nak makeup lagi dengan kakak farah please! – Zyra, model for Michikoscarves
The service is satisfactory. Farah is very friendly yet professional. Excellent communication skills, which is vital for this profession. Her make up technique is good, and can be improved over time. – Shuhaizee from Beadlista
Highly recommend- Reni from Kree
Makeupbyferrarossa is damn superb! Never experience like that before. My face painted by her but still look me. No changes to someone else. The eyelashes used is suitable with my look. I’Ve tried others, but didn’t satisfied still looking for ferrarossa touch-up.i want u to make my eyes smokey badly. So called arabic. Keep it up sista! Ure talented!- Amelia, Model
Sis Farah did such a wonderful job and helped make sure my look was perfect for my engagement day. She is so friendly, nice person, personable and calming which was so important while getting ready.Her amazing makeup application made my engagement photos look flawless. Overall i had so many compliments on my makeup that day. – Aminah Kaida
This MUA is my most preferred MUA because her talent, personality n her service. I’m satisfied with the outcome of her make up. She’s also has great personality which suit her job as a MUA. ❤️❤️ – nonie
good long lasting makeup and very friendly makeup artist. makes putting up makeup a breeze.- Widaad
It was great! She was punctual and very bubbly, eased my nerves and i felt wonderful. I wished u were there for me for my nikah! – Illy Maznah
I use her service for my engagement and her service = Total satisfaction!! She’s super nice and I love ferrarossa from the bottom of my heart! Muahx! I totally regrets not using your service for my wedding ayangkuu!- Azimah
Very pleasant experience with Farah. Family and friends loved the makeup.- Zulie
Makeup for Special Events
As for work wise: Fell in love with your amazing artwork ,really love the makeup(just like how i wanted it to be)&i still look like me!And also the very 1st female makeup artist i’ve ever trusted. As for person wise: Easy to work with, great communication skills & great personality too! – Zyda
She’s superrrrb, talented  and has her own significant magical touch. Good PR skills and easy to work with. – Asfahani
It was superb. Farah was super lovely to us and she listened to what we wanted for the look. She used quality products and we received tonnes of compliment on how good we look like on that day and I’m pretty sure it was her skills that worked wonders on our faces 🙂 keep up the good work! I recommended her to many of my friends in any case they asked for my opinion on who to hire for their special events. Two thumbs up!- Liya
SHE’S THE BEST! She did my makeup for New Years, and I loved it so much that I slept in it- Alicia F.
Farah did my make up twice. Once officially on my sister’s birthday for the whole family, another time our company dinner. I love love love!!!- Aisha
I love the way makeupbyferrarossa doing makeup in natural on my face :)- Fasha
It was a great experience!! Loved her work!! Super Nice Person n Makeup Artist!!- Rina
Super friendly and easy to talk to – made the experience comfortable. She was a bit late with arriving at the appointment but I was able to dismiss that as she did a great job and got the look I was going for perfectly – Anonymous
Makeup Class
Loved her! She has a very good PR with her customers and very easy going and the plus point is SHE LISTENS TO HER CUSTOMER NEEDS. And thats the reason why i love her makeup!- Farah Najihah
Had join the makeup class by ferrarossa, the class was very good! I would like to join next class which focusing on theory part eg which product suit to which skin type/shade, product knowledge, technique/style of eyeshadow application, editorial makeup, photoshoots makeup,runaway makeup so on – Linda Aris, Makeup Artist
Honestly Farah, you class is already very good. You were very attentive, very caring. I felt so comfortable being in your class. I think it would be fun if you can have small gifts to giveaway. Honestly, your class is superb and I had the time of my life! Thank you!- Anonymous feedback of class participant
Communication skill is top highlight beside modern style of makeup which made a good combination!- Faiza, Makeup Artist
Very comfortable to communicate, respectful, talented magic skill- Sumalatha, student
She’s very helpful, kind and funny.- Qish, student
Superb make-up artist. Very good PR, knowledgeable in her expertise area, knows what best for her customer/students, and willing to share her knowledge – Sya, student
What I like about this class is how Farah and team help us throughout the class and never leave us blurred. Very informative class – Anonymous feedback of class participant
Belajar banyak things in makeup, confident level improve and dapat banyak kawan- Anonymous feedback of class participant
Other Reviews
I never experience with Farah. A friend once told me that Farah is very responsive and friendly and she had a magic touch to every face she done.
I believe everyone needs a MUA who possess very good in PR so that we wouldn’t feel awkward especially for person who not really I to makeup thingy.
I also believe that everyone needs a MUA who can cover their weakness and give the best for clients’ requests- Suria
I have no experience (yet) but I follow Farah on FB and Instagram and I am amazed by her work. Also I know her personally and she not only has talent and professional skills but also all the personal skills such a job requires, as she is lovely, empathetic, with excellent communication skills and I am pretty sure she considered not only skin type and stuff like that but also the personality of the client before creating the perfect make-up and hair-style.- Anonymous
i haven’t try farah service before.i only have the opportunity to joint her makeup class last two weeks ago.the experience that i get is priceless.i fall in love with her signature makeup look ” natural makeup technique “. after that makeup class i cant stop myself from buying makeup product and due to that now i have my own makeup box because there is so much of makeup to store. hehe ..owh im in love with makeup. hope farah can choose me to get the free makeover . – Siti Hajar
I have never had my makeup done by you and would loveee to be your canvas very soon. I hope to learn some basic makeup techniques and I am sure it will be a super fun experience because you are just crazy funny babe! Haha- Tia, friend
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